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At RS Law our areas of emphasis are in bankruptcy law, personal injury law, family law, and criminal law in the Kansas City, Jackson County area including Blue Springs, Lee’s Summit, and Independence. The legal world can seem confusing and intimidating to anyone who is not immersed in it every day. At RS Law, our goal is to make the complicated less complicated.

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As Family Attorneys in Kansas City we understand how serious family law and domestic law can be. We take every family law case very seriously and with a careful approach. If you’re looking for divorce lawyers in Kansas City call RS Law today for a free consultation. Our Kansas City divorce attorneys are very experienced in family and domestic law. Get the help you need and experience legal representation that will protect your family’s rights.

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Missouri is an equitable distribution state. This means that in the event of divorce your assets are divided fairly, but not necessarily equally (50/50). Before the court is able to divide your property it has to determine which property belongs to the marriage, which property belongs to each person individually, and the quantity of each.

In the state of Missouri, the court must presume that all property acquired during marriage is marital property, regardless of what title says.  To keep property from being divided, you will have to show the court that it is nonmarital.  Usually this involves proving when and how you received it, or as in the rental property example, that the gift was intended for you alone.  In these situations it can be extremely beneficial to have an experienced Kansas City divorce lawyer who knows exactly what documents to prepare and who can tell you what to expect.

Debt acquired during the marriage will also be divided.  Debt is regarded same as any other property.  The court must characterize the debt as either marital or non-marital based on when it was acquired, who acquired it, and how it was used before the final settlement for equal responsibility.  With such life impacting decisions being made, be sure to have an experienced divorce lawyer represent you in your settlement to ensure your future well being.

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In domestic, family law and divorce cases emotions can feel overwhelming. Most people don’t know where to begin when faced with this kind of life situation. That’s why as divorce lawyers in Kansas City we always offer a free consultation to everyone. Our Kansas City family lawyers will do their best to help you understand the legal system and what your rights are. At RS Law our Kansas City family attorneys know your needs come first. We make it a priority to get to know you and find out what your concerns and goals are before we begin working on your case. If you need help with family or domestic law, call RS Law. We offer a free legal consultation, so give us a call today.