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Ryan Shernaman is a Kansas personal injury lawyer and litigator at RS Law who provides legal representation to people who have been injured, physically and/or mentally as a result of the wrongdoing or negligence of someone such as a person, entity or a company.

High-end personal injury law firms such as RS Law are well known in the insurance industry as a law firm that takes their client’s personal injury claims all the way to trial and is willing to stand in front of a jury to make insurance companies pay the largest amounts possible to our clients.   It is because of this reputation that a large percentage of the time, the insurance companies will make settlement offers to our clients that are reasonable and fair to avoid the costs associated with taking a case all the way through the trial process.  Our clients benefit from that reputation.

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When you have a lot at stake…WHO you call can make a huge difference!

Watch out for attorneys that won’t take cases to a jury trial because they always get less money for their clients from the insurance company.  The majority of attorneys advertising for personal injury cases have never tried a case in front of a jury in a courtroom. They will accept your case and encourage you to settle for a portion of what your case is really worth.  This is probably your first personal injury experience and you have no idea that your attorney undervalued your case and possibly under-settled until it is too late.  It is well known that insurance companies are aware of which attorneys don’t go to trial and they take advantage of this fact and offer this attorney’s clients a ridiculously low amount of money to settle their claim.  This attorney then tries to convince their client that this is the best deal they can hope for and they agree to settle the case for far less than they deserved.   It is important to know that if the attorney isn’t willing to bring the case to trial and put the matter before a jury, the insurance company knows it…..and it will probably result in you receiving far less money for your injuries.

Whether you hire RS Law to handle your personal injury claim or not avoid turning your case over to a personal injury settlement mill.  A personal injury settlement mill is a high volume law practice that handles personal injury cases where they mass produce the settlement of claims.  Often they use advertising campaigns on television daytime and night and billboards to obtain a lot of injured clients.  Settlement mills take very few cases to trial and the mills turn their client’s injury claims quick and for far less that the true value of the claim.  ‘Their dollars are made from a lot of case back to back that settle quickly.

Settlement mills will over emphasize the risks associated with filing a lawsuit or the risks of continuing to move the case to a jury trial to get their personal injury clients to take the quick settlement so they can move on to the next injured client.   RS Law understands that this is the one and ONLY personal injury claim you will have in your lifetime and you want to be compensated to the fullest extent allowed by law.  You aren’t in this for a quick buck, you are wanting the person who hurt you to fix what they broke.    We agree.

Put your personal injury claim in the hands of RS Law and we will fight the insurance company to pay you for ALL of your damages even if it takes us going all the way thru a trial by jury to make them pay you fairly for the damages caused by the negligence of their insured.   If insurance companies paid their claims fairly, there wouldn’t be the need for a personal injury lawyer.  RS Law stands up for your rights and make them pay!

RS Law has the experience to handle cases with serious injuries or wrongful death and we have the ability to deliver sizeable verdicts or settlements.

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