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Jo Lee, Paralegal

Jo is a Senior Paralegal in the firm’s litigation group in both Missouri and Kansas. Her primary focus has been traumatic brain injury cases, medical malpractice, personal injury litigation, and wrongful death cases.

Jo’s experience and responsibilities include:

  • Factual investigations and legal research
  • Assisting with settlement demands
  • Review and analysis of medical records
  • Coordinating expert witnesses
  • Deposition preparation and analysis
  • Voir dire experience
  • Creation of exhibits for pleadings and for trial
  • Trial time line preparation
  • Drafting of affidavits and motions
  • Drafting discovery and discovery responses
  • Insurance subrogation compliance
  • Medical lien negotiations
  • Focus group preparation and execution
  • Trial preparation and assistance

Jo graduated from State Fair Community College and then pursued a double major in Business and Accounting at Central Missouri State University and followed college up with more than thirty years of experience with private companies in senior management positions in the motor vehicle industry, with an emphasis in accounting and software development.

She is not only a conscientious paralegal but also is an advocate for our clients.  Jo understands the frustration and stress people feel when they, or someone they love, have been hurt due to the negligence of another person and/or company.  She fights big insurance companies for our clients because she feels insurance companies are too often motivated chiefly by profits.  Jo works tirelessly to insist insurance companies compensate RS Law’s injured clients fairly.  She enjoys working with clients to empower them and to help them feel in control of seemingly uncontrollable situations.