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Ryan Shernaman is a Missouri personal injury lawyer, medical malpractice, and wrongful death litigator at RS Law who provides legal representation to people who have been injured, physically and/or mentally as a result of the wrongdoing or negligence of a person, entity or a company.  He is dedicated to helping injury victims and insists on them receiving fair and full compensation.

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When you have a lot at stake…WHO you call can make a huge difference!


It is not unusual to assume that if you were hurt in an accident that wasn’t your fault that the other party will do everything in their power to fix the mistake. Unfortunately, that is rarely the case and here’s why…..

The responsible party will contact their liability insurance company and turn the matter over to them to financially settle with you and this is where things start to get twisted.

Don’t trust the insurance company – The insurance company is not on your side

The most important thing to know at this point is the insurance company is in the insurance business to make a profit.   The moment the responsible party reported the accident to their insurance company, their insurance premiums went up and went up A LOT.  This happens regardless of whether the insurance company has to pay a penny to you for damage to your car and/or for medical bills.  The insurance company is not emotionally invested in the accident and is only concerned with the business side of the accident.  How much will they have to pay to get you to go away?

The insurance company will contact you very quickly.  The insurance adjusters hope to talk with you before you have a complete understanding of your injuries and will even contact victims while they are still in the hospital.  Their goal is to catch you before you talk with an attorney and don’t know your rights.

The other party’s insurance company then begins to convince you to accept payment in full for damages at less than fair amounts.  Let’s start with discussing how much they are willing to pay you for the car that was just totaled by their insured; are they offering you keys to one that was identical to the one that was just towed to the junk yard?  No, and they don’t care that you owe more on the loan for your vehicle than they are willing to pay making it necessary for you to take money out of your savings account to pay for a car you no longer own.  Unfortunately, the insurance company has laws in place that allow them to handle your physical damage claim in a manner that almost always makes the victim feel that they are getting punished for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

BUT when it comes to the injuries to your body, called personal injuries, they don’t have a blue book to value your injuries.  This is why you need to immediately hire a personal injury lawyer to handle your accident claim and seek fair compensation for your injuries.  The liability insurance company knows that when an attorney is involved that they will be expected to pay a lot more.  The insurance company knows you have little to no experience in valuing your claim and are willing to take advantage of you.

RS Law deals with insurance companies every day and we understand the process it takes to reach a fair settlement because we have experience with personal injury claims just like yours and we know what is fair.  Not what the insurance company thinks is fair, but what the law states is fair and there couldn’t be a bigger difference of opinion between an insurance company’s idea of fair and RS Law’s opinion.  Once you bring RS Law into the case, the insurance company can not contact you and must deal directly with us.

There are laws that protect victims and we use those laws to make the insurance companies pay the maximum amount allowed to help our client’s put their lives back together after an injury.  We have an understanding of accident-related injuries and will demand that the insurance company pay you for the medical treatment you have already received, but also for the long-term effects of your injuries for the rest of your life.


RS Law is well known by the insurance companies that if they don’t make fair settlement offers to our clients that RS LAW will take the case all the way to a trial with a jury that will force the insurance company to be fair.  It is because of this reputation that a large number of our personal injury cases are settled without having to go to trial.

If you don’t receive fair compensation for your injuries, the insurance company is the one to pocket the profit.  The person who caused the accident paid insurance premiums to make sure that if they hurt someone that they could receive fair compensation.  But the insurance company wants to get the accident victim to accept compensation as low as possible so they can put the difference to their bottom line profit.  Insurance companies are in the insurance business to make a profit they are not in the business to see that you are fairly compensated for your injuries and for the pain and suffering associated with your injuries.  For every dollar they don’t pay you they pay themselves.

RS Law handles personal injury cases on a contingency basis which means we receive payment ONLY when YOU receive payment for your injuries which makes a personal injury claim affordable for everyone regardless of  income.

There is no excuse to not have a personal injury attorney to represent you if you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault.  Call for a free consultation today.  Once your case is in our hands the insurance company can no longer play by their own made-up rules but must follow the rules of our legal system.

It isn’t about injury victims getting rich. It is about victims receiving enough money to pay for the months, years, or even lifetime of medical care they’ll need from being involved in an accident that wasn’t their fault.

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