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Ryan Shernaman is a divorce lawyer in Kansas and understands that divorce is a complicated topic. From a legal standpoint, divorce is the legal process by which a marriage is dissolved and any property accumulated during the marriage is divided up between the parties.

From a human and emotional standpoint, it is often heartbreaking, devastating, infuriating, stressful, and just plain tough. Tough for you, your spouse, and for any children that may be involved. However, it does not always have to be this way.

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How smoothly a divorce can go really depends on the couple, their circumstances, and how well the couple manages to get along despite having decided to go their separate ways. These variables, combined with the amount of property owned and how the parties wish to divide it, all create many possible scenarios and thus, every divorce is unique. No two are quite the same.

The legal system calls a divorce a dissolution.  A dissolution becomes final when it is signed by a judge and it cannot be changed.  At that point, a couple is divorced and their decree is a final court order. If they change their mind, they will have to obtain a marriage license and go through the process to remarry. If a client wishes to appeal their divorce due to an issue with the court’s trial decision, they unfortunately face an uphill legal battle.

Therefore, it is crucial to get it right the first time.  This is why you need an experienced divorce lawyer in Kansas. You don’t know what you don’t know, until it is too late. RS Law has the expertise necessary to move you smoothly through the process and will work closely with you so you understand each step, helping you make informed decisions. This is most likely your first divorce, but it is only one of many that RS Law has handled seamlessly.

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