Divorce is complicated as it is, but when kids are involved, it is that much more difficult. Every parent wants what is best for their child, but sometimes the lines and decisions regarding exactly what that is are more complex. The court assists parents in making decisions regarding who children will live with, visitation rights, child support, and who gets to make decisions about the children’s welfare and lives. It’s a difficult part of divorce to face, but one that is necessary to ensure children get what they need after parents are no longer together.

These issues are difficult enough to make as a parent. When people are trying to ensure their children receive everything they need to grow up as healthy and happy individuals after a divorce, it is that much harder. It’s important to have a Kansas City divorce lawyer who can educate you regarding custody laws, and guide you in doing what is best for your children during and after the divorce process is finalized.

Custody can not be summed up in one definition. Courts in Missouri define several different aspects of custody for parents following a divorce. Each custody case is different, but the goal of the court is the same; to give children the best in regards to their living situation and emotional needs. To determine the specific rights of each parent, the court determines legal custody and physical custody of the children. Legal custody determines the decision maker in relation to education, welfare, and health. Physical custody decides where a child lives, and how much contact each parent has with their kids. The court grants sole custody at times, which means one parent has all the decision making rights and the children live with them. The other parent may have what’s known as visitation or temporary custody.

Joint custody is the most ideal situation, with equally shared decisions made by both parents working together, as well as meaningful interaction with each parent and the children. As much as this usually benefits children, it is not always the right situation. Depending on the specifics of the situation, custody will be determined in such a way that protects and benefits children the most. Not every divorced parent can make decisions jointly with another parent. Sometimes parents aren’t financially ready to have their kids live with them. In each case, a combination of custody rights are determined based on what is in the best interests of the children in the long term.

The last thing you want is to go into a custody case without representation. You need a legal professional to present your case to the court. Not only is custody emotional and difficult to determine. It’s also hard and expensive to undo what was first determined at a later time. Kansas City divorce lawyers can help you understand and make decisions so that your children can get everything they need during and after a divorce. Do-not-go-to-court-for-custody-without-a-kansas-city-divorce-lawyer.

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