Bankruptcy Lawyers in Blue Springs, MO

If you need help filing bankruptcy in Blue Springs, MO, RS Law, Attorneys at Law is the law firm to call. We are experienced at bankruptcy law and our lawyers can walk you through the process so you know what to expect. Our goal at RS Law is to get you through this legal process quickly and confidentially.

Bankruptcy Doesn’t Mean Losing Your Possessions

Bankruptcy is not a cure-all, but it can give you a fresh financial start and help you get back on your feet. If you need legal bankruptcy advice in Blue Springs, come to RS Law for a free legal consultation. We’re here to make the process easier and less stressful. When you file personal bankruptcy, we can help you keep your home and vehicles, avoid additional debt, get rid of home equity loans, eliminate second mortgages and even delay you next mortgage payment. It will give you the financial breathing room you need.

Free Bankruptcy Consultation and Affordable Rates

If you’re worried about the cost of filing bankruptcy, RS Law can help. First, your initial consultation with our law firm is free and confidential. Our fees are very competitive. For a reasonable retainer and fees, we can file your chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy petition with the court. This will stop the creditor calls, wage garnishments, and prevent the foreclosure and the sale of your Blue Springs home! If cost is a major concern, we can provide solutions. We will create payment options for any remaining attorneys’ fees. We will work out payment arrangements to meet your budget, if you rely solely on Social Security. We encourage you to discuss our fees and payments at the initial consultation with your lawyer so you’re not stressed out or worried about it. Our job is to make the whole bankruptcy process easier for you.

Three Common Bankruptcy Chapters

There are several different chapters of bankruptcy and at RS Law, we focus on three:

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy – also known as rehabilitation bankruptcy, this chapter allows a company to reorganize its debt to try to become financially healthy again. We contact creditors to change the terms, interest rates and values on loans. With Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, debt is not absolved in only restructured and the company must still pay it back.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – also known as reorganization bankruptcy, this chapter helps individuals avoid repossession or foreclosure on their Blue Springs home by reducing their debt. Chapter 13 gives an extra three to five years to make up missed payments. As long as the monthly payment is met, it allows you to keep your property.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – also known as liquidation bankruptcy helps companies who are past the stage of reorganization and must sell off (liquidate) any assets to pay creditors. Because your property is protected under the law, you can keep much of it.

Call RS Law, Attorneys at Law for legal help with bankruptcy in Blue Springs.