Making the Complicated World of Law Less Complicated

At Reneau and Shernaman, Attorneys at Law, our goal is to make the complicated, less complicated. We know the law can be confusing and unclear without a professional to help you sort through the legal terminology and get to the point. That’s where we come in. Not only are we experienced, we are excellent at listening. We sit down with you and get the details so we can understand your goals and show you the easiest and fastest way to achieve them.

All of the areas we focus on are sensitive. People considering bankruptcy are usually in an unpleasant place in their lives. Personal injury victims can be experiencing a great deal of pain and suffering. Family law usually involves strong emotions. And if you need a criminal lawyer, you may have made some unfortunate decisions that got you into trouble. No matter what kind of legal representation you need, Reneau and Shernaman can provide it and make it as painless as possible.

We take the time to explain everything clearly to you so you are aware of the legal consequences and choices. We do everything within our power to make the law work in your favor. We even make house calls for personal injury clients who are unable to get to our office as a result of their injuries. RS Law doesn’t stand for Really Simple, but it could. When you want a lawyer who takes the time to make sure you understand the law and who will make the law work in your favor, call us at Reneau & Shernaman. We make the complicated, less complicated. Making-the-complicated-world-of-law-less-complicated.

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