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At RS Law, Attorneys at Law, we are focused on bankruptcy law. We have been helping residents in the Kansas City area including Kansas City, Independence, Lee’s Summit, and Blue Springs by providing bankruptcy law advice in easy to understand terms. Bankruptcy is a legal process that provides relief from financial problems by eliminating or restructuring your debts under the protection of a federal court. There are many circumstances that may lead you to filing bankruptcy, but some of the most common are unemployment, large medical bills, overextended credit, and divorce. Although bankruptcy is not a cure-all, in most cases it can give you a fresh financial start and allow you to get back on your feet. If you need legal bankruptcy advice, come to RS Law for a free legal consultation. We know bankruptcy laws inside and out and we’ll be happy to talk to you about your options and help you make the best decision.

Free Initial Bankruptcy Consultation

Your initial consultation with RS Law is free and confidential. We will walk you through what to expect and give you as much information as you need. Our goal at RS Law is to get you through this legal process quickly and confidentially. Filing for bankruptcy should make things better for you and your family, and we’re here to make the process easier and less worrisome. We offer weekend and evening appointments to fit your schedule. We can help you:

  • Keep your house
  • Keep your vehicles
  • Eliminate additional debts
  • Eliminate home equity loan
  • Eliminate a second Mortgage
  • Delay your next mortgage payment
  • Stop harassing calls
  • Stop payday loan companies in their tracks

Affordable Bankruptcy Legal Help

The team of experienced bankruptcy attorneys at RS Law makes filing for bankruptcy as convenient and affordable as possible. Our fees are very competitive. For a reasonable fee, we can start your case by helping you file your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition with the court. This will stop calls from creditors, wage garnishments, and the foreclosure and sale of your house! We realize that costs and fees can be a major concern. You may be on a limited income, but we can provide solutions.RS Law will offer payment options for the remaining attorneys’ fees. We’ll work out payment arrangements to meet your budget, even if you rely solely on Social Security. Please feel free to discuss our fees and payments when you meet with our bankruptcy lawyers. We encourage you to ask questions and voice your concerns and needs at every step in the process, including with regard to our fees. Our job is to make it easier for you.

Ask the Bankruptcy Law Attorneys of Kansas City

At RS Law, we’re focused when it comes to bankruptcy law. There are several different chapters of bankruptcy and each has its place in helping people get back to solid financial ground. Here are the three we practice in and a brief summary of each:

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – With very few exceptions, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is total forgiveness of almost all debts. Chapter 7 is a “liquidation” bankruptcy because the trustee may sell (“liquidate”) some of your property to pay some of your debt. You are allowed to keep much of your property due to its protected (“exempt”) status. Most people find that all their property is exempt.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – Chapter 13 bankruptcy is reorganization bankruptcy. In order to avoid repossession or foreclosure, Chapter 13 allows you to make up missed payments over a three- to five- year period. As long as you pay your monthly payment, you can keep your property. Your debt levels are reduced to help make payments manageable.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy – Chapter 11 bankruptcy, is rehabilitation bankruptcy. It allows a company to reorganize its debt and to try to re-emerge as a healthy organization. The firm will contact its creditors in an attempt to change the terms on loans including the interest rate and dollar value of payments. Chapter 11 requires that a trustee be appointed who supervises the assets of the debtor and allows business to continue. It’s important to note that debt is not absolved in chapter 11: the restructuring only changes the terms of the debt, and the firm must continue to pay it back through future earnings.

If you live in the Kansas City area or neighboring, Independence, Lee’s Summit, or Blue Springs areas, and need legal help in a bankruptcy case, call RS Law. We’ll help get you back on track financially. Call us at (816) 287-8080 for a free bankruptcy consultation today. We make the complicated, less complicated.