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What exactly is a contested divorce without children?  A divorce that is contested is one where both parties are unable to agree on all material matters regarding a divorce.    If an agreement cannot be reached in a specified time period, the divorce is deemed to be contested and will take a different and longer path through the court system to reach a conclusion. A contested divorce without children means that the divorce will only have to deal with the division of the property and spousal support.

Failing to agree or refusing to compromise won’t prevent the divorce.  In this instance, a judge will hold a hearing and hear evidence from both parties and then make the decisions that the courts deem to be fair and the division of the property and debts, alimony and temporary spousal support will be final.  This will happen in a trial.

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Contested divorces cost more than an uncontested divorce because of additional legal fees to cover extended discovery and court appearances as well as other associated court costs such as mediation.

The majority of contested divorces are settled before the final hearing and it isn’t necessary for a judge to make decisions for the divorcing parties.  A contested divorce can go smoothly if both parties work with their attorneys to find an equitable solution to divide marital property and debts.  RS Law has experience helping clients to understand their rights and obligations in making these decisions.

One of the biggest problems with the divorce process is that a divorce is almost always a very emotional time.   Having a lawyer to guide you through divorce process takes the emotion out of it.   RS Law will deal with the nuts and bolts of the divorce while you handle the emotional aspects of the divorce.

Fair isn’t always a 50/50 split and RS Law will handle the business side of the divorce and make sure you have made informed decisions as to what your legal rights are in a divorce.  You don’t know what you don’t know until it is too late.  Not hiring an attorney to represent you in a divorce can be the most expensive mistake you can make.