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A paternity DNA test is a medical test that is performed to definitively determine if a particular man is the biological father of a particular child.  In the state of Kansas it is determined that if the genetic test indicates a probability of 97% or greater that the man is the father of the child then they are legally designated as the biological father of that child.

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A few of the reasons why someone would want to prove paternity are:

    • If the unmarried father of a child wants to establish paternity so he can get visitation or custody rights.
    • If the unmarried mother of a child wants to establish paternity so she can pursue financial support for the child.
    • If the unmarried father of a child wants to establish paternity so he can STOP paying child support.
  • During a divorce, or after a divorce, one of the parties may want to prove that the husband is or is not the biological father of a child that was born during the marriage.


There are circumstances where a man may be required to pay child support, even though the child is biologically unrelated.  Once the court has ordered terms for support and the deadlines for contesting paternity have passed you may still be required to continue to pay child support for the child despite the fact that a DNA test has proven you are not the father.   It is also possible that if the biological father is not determined, the courts may completely overlook all the facts and deem that it is in the best interest of the child to continue to require the non-biological father to pay child support.

There are many other factors to consider with Kansas paternity DNA testing and RS Law has the skills and experience to help you navigate the legal system accordingly.