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A Chapter 7’s filing fee as determined by the Bankruptcy Court  $335.00.  Typically, the attorney’s fees charged by RS LAW are $1,165.00 for a fairly straightforward bankruptcy.  All told, the total cost approximately $1,500.00 ($335 + $1,165). On a case-by- case basis, payment arrangements are available and are discussed at the free consultation.

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Factors that complicate an otherwise straight forward bankruptcy include multiple properties, above-median income, and or the addition of business debts. The attorney fees in this situation are determined on a case-by-case basis; the Court filing fee, however, is still $335.00.

If you and your spouse choose to file a case jointly, out office does not charge additional fees regardless if you are in a straight-forward Chapter 7, or a more complicated Chapter 7.

For a Chapter 13, the filing fee as determined by the Bankruptcy Court is $310.00. The attorney’s fees charged by RS LAW are $500.00 up front and the remainder of the fees are paid through your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy plan. The remainder of the fees varies depending on the income level and complexity of the case.  During a Chapter 13, RS Law will represent you for three to five years depending on the duration of your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

RS LAW will not charge you any extra fees if you and your spouse choose to file a case jointly.

We do not charge additional fees for spouses to file a joint Bankruptcy as a courtesy. Although there is generally more paperwork involved usually in the form of more creditors to list, it is a minor addition and RS Law does not believe it is right to charge extra for a joint filing.

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