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You earn an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work. It’s hard work, too. You might even earn two honest day’s pay for two honest day’s work because you have a second job just to make ends meet. Things are tough and right now you struggle to pay your bills. Then one day you get called into Human Resources and you’re told that your employer has received “papers.” These papers are a Court Order to start garnishing your pay. How on Earth do they expect you to pay any of your debts back if a bit part of your check is missing?


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At this stage, you can’t fight it because a judgment has already been entered saying you owe the debt. The good news is there is still a possible way out of the garnishment and that is filing a Bankruptcy.

Once in a bankruptcy, all creditors must stop trying to collect debts right away—even if a creditor has obtained a judgment against you.  The reason being that as soon as you file Bankruptcy you enter the protection the  “Automatic Stay.” This “Automatic Stay” works  kind of like the childhood game of “tag.” The Automatic Stay is similar to  “base” in a game of tag.  As long as you are on base, you cannot be tagged and similarly, creditors can’t collect from you while you are protected by the Automatic Stay. You are safe from the clutches for creditors while you are on base.

If you have been informed, or have reason to believe that, you are about to be garnished, or you have been served by a Creditor who is taking you to Court over a debt, contact RS Law today for your free consultation. Sooner is usually better than later, especially if you are under threat of being garnished.