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When you are the victim of an injury caused by the negligence of another person you want to be paid for your damages and you want to be paid quickly.

Personal injury cases can settle quickly as long as you are willing to settle for less than fair compensation for your injuries.

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Let’s say you want to sell your car.  How quickly can you sell your car?    Well,  it all depends on the price.  If you want to sell it for a fair price, it may take some time; but if you are willing to sell it for less than it is really worth, it will sell quickly.

Personal injury claims are the same way, the insurance company will agree to quickly settle your claim as long as you are willing to settle for less than fair compensation.

Another huge problem with settling your claim quickly is that it takes time to determine the extent of your injuries.   It often takes months of treatment by doctors to determine what can be fixed and what cannot.  Treatment and therapies must be tried to allow your injuries to reach the point of maximum medical improvement.  You need to follow the doctor’s order for treating your injuries until the doctor either fixes the problem or tells you that there is nothing more he can do and you will just need to learn to live with the pain.   It is only at that point that a careful analysis of what medicine wasn’t able to fix is when you have an idea as to what your damages really are.

It is true that the insurance company would gladly pay for damages quick to get your signature on a release that forever bars you from receiving compensation for any further damages from the accident.  This means that when you discover  2 months after you settle your claim that the pain in your lower back, that wasn’t there before the accident, now needs surgery.   The doctor tells you it was caused by the accident and surgery will help but won’t fix the problem and you can expect to have pain for the rest of your life.   If you had already settled your claim, that surgery, the lost wages associated with the surgery and all the pain and suffering related to that surgery will not be paid by the insurance company.

RS Law works closely with you through the treatment phase of your personal injury claim to help you determine the value of your injury claim.  We strongly advise clients to not settle their case quickly where they jeopardize the value  but we do understand the reasons why clients want the case done and paid and we will do everything in our power to settle the matter quickly at maximum compensation for all damages associated with the injuries caused by the negligence of another person or company.