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The legal system places a time limit on how long after an accident happens that an injured person can file a lawsuit for damages.  This is called a statute of limitations.   In Kansas, an injured person has a deadline of two years for suing.

So if you were injured in a crash as a driver, passenger, bicyclist, pedestrian or motorcycle rider, you must file your lawsuit against the responsible party no later than two years from the date the accident happened.

There is also a two-year time limit if the car accident resulted in someone’s death and the family wanted to bring a wrongful death claim, however, this time limit starts at the time of the death of the family member not at the date of the accident.

If you miss this deadline and file the suit anyway, it is highly likely that the person you are wanting to pay for your damages will use the statute of limitations as an excuse as to why they won’t have to pay you and unfortunately the courts will agree.  This is why it is important to turn your personal injury or wrongful death claim over to RS Law as quickly as possible to allow ample time to investigate and prosecute your claim before the two-year deadline.

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