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Both parents are required to provide for the welfare of the child(ren) which is called child support.  The sole purpose of child support is to provide for the financial needs of the child(ren).  A child’s needs exist of the direct and indirect expenses associated with the everyday care of the child(ren).  An example of direct expenses are monies paid directly to another person such as your child(ren)’s school, church, music lessons, sports participation fees and more.  An example of indirect expenses would be monies spent that would benefit your child(ren) but not necessarily paid directly for the child(ren) such as housing, utilities, food, and transportation.

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How much child support is to be paid in each situation is different.  Child support is calculated based on the income and projected costs associated with the raising of the child(ren).

Missouri’s child support calculator is called Form No. 14.  Follow this link to get an estimate of how much child support might be awarded in your specific situation.  Keep in mind this is only an estimate and the court can award far more than this or far less.  Which is why it is SO important to RS Law represent you in regards to your child support matter.

RS Law understands the importance of getting the amount of child support correct.  Correct can mean different things to different people. The amount produced by Missouri Form No 14 can be increased or decreased and this is yet another reason why it is so important to have RS Law represent your interests in a child support matter in the state of Missouri.  Making changes to child support once it has been finalized in a child support order can be difficult and expensive.  It is very important to get it right the first time.   Don’t leave child support up to chance, make sure you have the best child support attorney on your side, RS Law.  Call today for a consultation.