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It is not uncommon that when a person decides they want a divorce they want the divorce process to be over as quickly as possible.  For some people, going through a divorce is equated to taking a band-aid off, you know it’s gonna hurt so you decide to just rip it off quickly.

So how fast is a quick divorce?  In a perfect world, an uncontested divorce without children can happen in 31 days but rarely does.

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The state of Missouri has a mandatory waiting period of 30 days after the filing of the petition and associated documents.  When the divorce petition is filed, the court will schedule a hearing.  This uncontested hearing is scheduled approximately 60 days from the date the petition is filed and during this time the agreements regarding the division of property and debts are negotiated and signed by both parties and a final judgement is drafted.  The final judgement ordering the dissolution requires the approval and signature of a judge.

When the judge signs the dissolution order the divorce is final and cannot be reversed, therefore it is important to get everything right.

RS Law will work with you to quickly move through the divorce process.  Please make sure you let us know in your consultation that you want a quick divorce and so we will see if the specifics of your situation will allow you to have an expedited divorce.

Expedited divorces are not possible for uncontested divorces with children, contested divorces with children and contested divorces without children.  The expedited divorce at RS Law requires that both spouses have already reached an agreement regarding the division of property and the division of debts at the same time the petition is filed and both spouses are readily available for signatures for the remainder of the necessary documents.

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