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There is a big difference between divorces that are contested and uncontested.  To determine if your divorce is truly uncontested  ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you both want a divorce?
  • Have you discussed every one of your assets and have, or are you willing to, split them between the two of you?
  • Have you discussed every one of your debts and have, or are you willing to, split them between the two of you?
  • Have you discussed how much alimony, maintenance or spousal support one of the two of you will pay to the other?
  • Can you both continue to hold meaningful conversations to discuss other issues as they arise?

If you answered yes to all 5 of the questions then it is highly possible you can expect to have an uncontested divorce.  This article discusses uncontested divorces without children.  If you have children that were born during the marriage please refer to uncontested divorce with children.


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All divorces are complicated whether you have a contested or an uncontested divorce.  The main difference between a contested divorce and an uncontested divorce is that in an uncontested divorce everybody is in agreement on the issues regarding the divorce and there is no arguing about who gets what.

A large number of uncontested divorces morph into a contested divorce at some point in the divorce process but you can avoid this by hiring an attorney from the very beginning.    Having an attorney represent you in your uncontested divorce gives you the greatest chance to keep your divorce on the uncontested docket.  Your attorney will work diligently with the otherside to keep negotiations moving forward in a timely manner.     Having an attorney represent you in any divorce is money well spent and here’s why.  It takes a lawyer 19 years of education with 7 years of full-time study after high school to understand the laws in Missouri regarding divorce.   There is a lot to know and unless you have studied to be a lawyer and passed the bar, there is the possibility of making a mistake that isn’t possible to reverse or a mistake that can cause you a lot of money and heartache.  The mechanics of getting a divorce isn’t easy.

It is also important to keep in mind that divorces are very emotional.   The divorce process started years before one of you told the other that someone wanted a divorce.  It began with someone experiencing feelings of dissatisfaction, anxiety, alienation and more.  So that person has had time to think about and process what life will be after the divorce and probably has made peace with the decision.  However, the other person in the marriage hasn’t had a lot of time to consider a divorce and is often left to deal with the emotions really quickly.  This brings emotion into the divorce process by at least one of the two parties. You need to be a robot to be able to make decisions that are completely devoid of feeling.  But you can identify when emotions are negatively impacting your ability to make a rational decision and remove them from the equation.  In other words, a divorce is emotional and having an attorney represent you during a divorce places you the position of having someone making rational decisions on your behalf during a very emotional time.

Having a lawyer represent you in an uncontested divorce without children doesn’t change the divorce from uncontested to contested.    RS Law will handle the business of your divorce which allows you to deal with the emotional side of the divorce.   Unless you have been married and divorced multiple times, the divorce process is confusing.  RS Law works closely with you to keep your divorce on an uncontested track while making sure that you understand what options you have and guide you carefully through making decisions regarding those options.

An uncontested divorce without children can have only one of the two parties represented by an attorney.  The person with legal representation has a huge advantage over the person without a lawyer.  Make sure you are the spouse that has an attorney representing you.  One attorney CANNOT represent both parties.  One attorney can represent one of the two parties and draft and file all the documentation necessary in a divorce.

One attorney CANNOT represent both parties.  One attorney can only represent one of the two parties and draft and file all the documentation necessary in a divorce.   The spouse that doesn’t have an attorney will be forced to go through the entire process alone.   It is possible for the unrepresented spouse to refuse to agree on one or more of the issues regarding the divorce which will force the uncontested divorce into the contested docket which will cost both parties additional time and money.  This is why it is preferred for both parties to be represented by their own attorneys so the attorneys can help their respective clients move through the process while keeping them moving forward through the uncontested divorce without children docket.   Having an attorney on board from the beginning representing your interests in the divorce almost always saves you time and money in the long run.

Call today for a consultation for an uncontested divorce without children.  RS Law makes uncontested divorces without children affordable.