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A modification is necessary when someone wants to change a previously ordered agreement  The most common modifications are in regards to orders for alimony (maintenance-spousal support), child support and or a custody agreement.  A modification could be produced to change multiple issues in previous court orders.

An example of a modification to a custody agreement would be necessary to stop a child(re) from custody and/or visitation with a parent involved in drug or alcohol abuse or is subjecting the child(re) to physical or mental abuse.  A modification would also be necessary when one of the parties moves or wants to make a permanent change as to the child(ren)’s primary place of residence.

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There are instances where at the time of divorce one of the parents was not given any custody or visitation rights due to substance abuse.  Since the time that the divorce was finalized, they have undergone treatment for substance abuse and now wish to be involved in the lives of their child(ren). A modification would be necessary to set up the custody and/or visitation rights of that parent.

An example of a modification in a divorce would be to adjust the amount of alimony.  This adjustment can be up or down and in some cases, alimony stopped altogether.  To be successful in your quest for a modification it is important to know that you must show a substantial and continuing change of circumstances.

There is no need for a modification to stop alimony if the person receiving alimony remarries with a few exceptions.

One of the most common reasons for a modification is to adjust child support.   In Missouri, child support can be ordered through the Missouri Family Support Division and it can also be ordered judicially through the court.   A Missouri court can modify a court-ordered child support or a Missouri Family Support Division order but the Family Support Division CANNOT modify a court order child support order.   RS Law has the skills and experience to take the confusion out of modifications.

Since modifications cost money, it is best to get the orders right initially and do everything possible to avoid the need to file modifications.  RS Law takes great care to work with our clients to carefully consider the future when finalizing parenting plans, custody agreements or a divorce.  Obviously, things change and modifications are a reality.  RS Law has the skills and experience to take the confusion out of modifications.  If you have a current order that needs to be changed, contact us for a consultation to get the process started today.